Training Tips

  • Edgewood State Swims 2002-2014


    2014 - 1st - 294

  • Glossary of terms I use


    Key for terms I use in workouts


    warm up = It takes time to bring flexibility and warmth to muscles especially at 5:30 in the morning.  An initial period of swimming at the beginning of the workout prepares our body for the stress of difficult sets.  No, sitting in the hot tub does not do the same thing.

  • Summer training for open water events

    Swimming in the open water is different in some important ways from pool swimming.  Training for triathlon or open water races should include both open water and pool training to achieve the best results.  The correct mix of open and pool training sessions depends on your experience with open water and the level of competition.  

  • Toys or tools or crutches

    Using pull buoys, kick boards... can ward off boredom but moderation is the key.  These devices all are intended to help swimmers add variety to their workout.  They also allow the swimmer to focus on one part of swimming. Using a kick board the athlete can focus on building leg strength, using a pull buoy allows the swimmer to limit the propulsion from the legs, isolating the arms and so on and so forth.  

  • Swimming lane etiquette


    How do you approach a pool with no empty lanes?  Lap pools are busy places and building bigger pools is simply out of the question in most cases as the lap pool maybe the club's largest expense.  It is therefore necessary to get used to the idea of swimming with others especially if you can only get to the pool at peak hours.

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