Glossary of terms I use


Key for terms I use in workouts


warm up = It takes time to bring flexibility and warmth to muscles especially at 5:30 in the morning.  An initial period of swimming at the beginning of the workout prepares our body for the stress of difficult sets.  No, sitting in the hot tub does not do the same thing.

warm down/cool down = During workouts, especially those with hard efforts, we build up lactic acid and damage in our cells.  By continuing aerobic movement in our muscles in the form of cool down/warm down we help aid the movement of these products out of the cells back into the blood stream where the body can take care of them.

@ _:__ = the interval, where the interval is the time it takes to finish the swim and includes the rest e. 3 x 100 free @ 2:00.  Here the swimmer would do three 100s leaving every 1:30.  If the swimmer does  a leaves on the :60 and gets back 1:20 later then :10 rest is available

rest = rest time this is used instead of an interval.  I most often use rest instead of intervals on warm up sets or when I am not sure of a swimmers desired pace.         

fly = butterfly stroke

back = backstroke

breast = breaststroke            

free = freestyle                   

SKIPS = this is usually a warm up set where the SKIPS stands for Swim/Kick/IM/Pull/Swim

Pull = Limit the use of your legs by using a pull Buoy

Non Free = stroke, swim a stroke of your choice other than freestyle

IM = individual medley, swim strokes in the following order, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle

Descend = descend (time) each effort, example: 3 x 100 free desc. 1-3, would mean swim the second 100 faster than the first 100 and the third 100 fast than the second. 

Neg. split (-) = negative split, e. 1 x 1000, neg split, would mean that the second 500 of the 1000 should be swum faster (by time) than the first 500

Build =  within the swim, build your speed.  5 x 100 build, would mean each 100 swim starts out easier and build speed so that you are finishing fast. 

Dog paddle = underwater recovery or swim like a dog does.  Reach out in front, do your regular freestyle pull in through to the finish then slide your hand right up underneath your body to the of the catch.

Tarzan = Head Up freestyle.  You swim like a water polo player or Johnny Weissmuller  We use Tarzan to work on hand speed, open water sighting, fatigue control, and as a contrast to a long freestyle stroke

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